Insider's View

Insider's View

New Developments and Investigations

Since the time made our accounts Breaking the Vow of Secrecy and Can I trust them? public, there has been further investigation by government agencies, journalists and others into areas of our concern. This page will serve to keep you updated on the responses of the media, government officials and others on the behavior modification industry. Since the media coverage on this subject has been extensive since 2000, we have only listed those that have contacted us personally when they were doing their research. The list is in reverse chronological order, the most recent first. Articles and broadcasts are owned by the news media that produced them, so you will find many links that just lead to the home page of copyright owner.

The links on this page will take you third party websites that are not in our control. These links are provided for informational purposes only and do not necessarily imply an endorsement.

  • Testimony Before the Committee on Education, and Labor, House of Representatives October 10, 2007
  • Current Legislation Pending and Passed. 2007
  • "Help at Any Cost: How the Troubled-Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids" by Maia Szalavitz. Book published by Riverhead Books, of the Penguin Group February 18, 2006.
  • "A Press Briefing on Exploitation of Youth & Families. Perspectives on Unregulated Private Residential Treatment Facilities" Sponsored by Alliance for Safe, Therapeutic and Appropriate Use of Residential Treatment, a collaboration beteween The Department of Child & Family Studies, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of Southern Florida and Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law. Co-sponsored by: The American Psychological Association, American Association of Community Psychiatrists, American Orthopsychiatric Assoication, Child Welfare League of America, Federation for Families for Children's Mental Health, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, National Mental Health Association. October 18, 2005.
  • End Institutionalized Abuse Against Children Act of 2005 Introduced in the US House of Representatives on October 2, 2003. HR 1738 IH
  • Keeping the Families Together Act Bill Introduced to US Senate on October 2, 2003. S 1704
  • "Tough Love: Problem Schools for Problem Teens" by Penny McKee June 20, 2000.
  • "Kid Help or Kidnapping?: Tactics of Utah-based groups show the risks and rewards of emotional growth programs" by Martha Shirk. June 1999, Youth Today, the Newspaper on Youth Work.
  • "Love or Betrayal?: Recent lawsuits against the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs raise questions about tough-love boot camps for teens, questions about child abuse and parental rights." by Mark MacNamara February 1999. Diablo Magazine.
  • "Boot Camps for Wayward Youths Offer Hope, Help, Hell: Teen Help oversees seven strict, spartan residential programs that some call lifesavers. Others say they use abuse and brainwashing to mold 'Stepford Children'" by Michelle Ray Ortiz. June 13, 1999. Associated Press
  • "Breaking Point" 48 Hours with Dan Rather August 9, 1999. CBS News
  • "The Defiant School: Carolina Springs Academy teaches kids to respect authority and follow the rules. So why did two state agencies need to sue to force it to get licensed and follow state regulations?" December 23, 1999. Free Times: Columbia's Free Weekly.
  • "Desperate Measures" by Lou Kilzer. July 18, 19, 20, 1999, Denver Rocky Mountain News.
  • "Teen Help Course Methods Criticized"" by Michelle Ray Ortiz. June 12, 1999 11:30 EDT. Associated Press
  • "Emotional Growth Programs 'Save' Teens, Stir Fears: A growing youth service sector promises to turn around troubled teens, while raising questions of abuse" by Martha Shirk. May 1999, Youth Today, the Newspaper on Youth Work.
  • "Measure would regulate teen transport services" by Emelyn C.L. Rodriguez. February 25, 1999. The Oakland Tribune.
  • "Goen Trial Watched Nationwide: Case may set precedent in parental-rights law" by Alice Thomas January 24, 1999. The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper
  • "Torture Claims Shut 'School'" by Ladka Bauerova. November 18, 1998. The Prague Post.
  • "A Family Reunited: Rehabilitated teen's parents distrust school that helped her" by Gayle Vassar Melvin. October 14, 1998. The Contra Costa Times, Time Out Section.
  • Camp Fear: David Van Blarigan's haroowing tale raises grave concerns about the secretive world of behavior- modification schools by Gabielle Saveri, Anne-Marie O'Neill, Fannie Weinstein and Ron Arias August 3, 1998. People Weekly Magazine.
  • "Caged Brats: They tried grounding them. they tried confiscating the keys to the Cadillac. American parents are now resorting to punishment camps for their unruly teens, but at what cost?" by Tania Unsworth. May 1998. The Sunday Times Magazine
  • St. George Youth Facility Shutting Down by Greg Burton March 12, 1998. The Salt Lake Tribune.
  • St. George Teen Hospital Faces Scrutiny From State by Greg Burton March 10, 1998. The Salt Lake Tribune.
  • "Taking Teens to Treatment" by David Holbrook February 8, 1998. The Sunday Times. Contra Costa Times.
  • "Is this a Camp or Jail?: Are parents violating the rights of their own kids when they ship them off for tough 'attitude rehab'?" by Adam Cohen January 26, 1998. Time Magazine.
  • "Parents Defend Locked Facility as Aid to Kids" by Gayle Vassar Melvin January 7, 1997. Contra Costa Times. (This was the article about Karen & Kendall Bean a few days before they attended the Discovery Seminar that showed them what was really happening)

Other Resources

Before we established, we gave the following websites permission to publish the articles Breaking the Vow of Secrecy and Can I Trust Them? on their websites. We appreciate the fact that they had the courage to publish what we wrote.