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Insider's View

About this Website

The motivation to create this website started with an experience we had with a behavior modification program that we had sent our daughter to in 1997, only to discover 10 months later that the actual program scarcely resembled what was advertized. I wrote an account, Breaking the Vow of Secrecy, and my husband wrote an account, Can I trust them?. The purpose of publishing our experiences online was to allow parents considering sending their teens to behavior modification schools to know what was not in the advertising or publicity for the program, so that they could make more informed decisions. At the time we published our experiences, we were the first parents to speak up on these issues. Now there are many more accounts widely available online to help parents better assess the pros and cons.

We have decided to include a few other stories on this site that we feel to be worth reading. It's only purpose is to inform the public of things they might not otherwise know if they didn't have an "Insider's View".

Karen E. Lile & Kendall Ross Bean.